Quebec Unsolved Murders

Unsolved murder cases in Quebec Canada

Maurice Viens

Maurice Viens The 4 year old toddler was kidnapped near his parents home Dorion Street.(With the disappearances of two other boys aged twelve and eight years, Wilton Lubin and Sebastien Metivier).police moved quickly. Young Maurice Viens was apparently the third child to be kidnapped during the same period in the city.

Three days later, a jacket belonging to the boy was found in Saint-Roch de Richelieu in Montérégie. The search area is enlarged and the Sûreté du Québec joins the Montreal police to find the boy. A businessman from the north shore of Montreal,( Mr X ) comes forth, gifted with extraordinary ESP.The man sees the child with a man.. they descend from the car and the man forces the boy to follow him in the dark. The man hit the child, undresses and pulls out a rope. Mr X sees things very brutal.Incredible as it may, Mr. X, has found the place where he saw the boy and the perp.
November 6, 1984 police enter a barn Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, described by Mr. X and discovered the body horribly mutilated and lifeless is little Maurice Viens.The child had been sodomized and severely beaten.


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