Quebec Unsolved Murders

Unsolved murder cases in Quebec Canada

Helene Monast

Helene Monast 18 years old
For Helene Saturday, September 10th 1977 was a very special day as it was her 18th Birthday.
Helene spent the day at home celebrating.
At 9pm the same night Helene met her girlfriend at a restaurant .
10:30pm her brother was at the restaurant, she asked her brother to drive her home as she wanted to pick up a jacket and a book as she was going to sleep at her grandmothers home. He drove her to pick up her things and then drove her back to the restaurant.
Helene walked with her girlfriend across a (small bridge) then walked back towards Maurice street by herself.
Helene was last seen by her brother who saw her walking on the sidewalk with her girlfriend, he waved to her...11:10pm Saturday September 1977.
(Sunday) September 11th 1977 Helene was found murdered on the grounds of a small park on Federal government land situated near the Chambly canal at the intersection of Bourgogne + Maurice street in Chambly (Quebec).
A resident on Maurice Street looked out her window and saw the body of a half naked female lying on her back.
The position of her body and her clothing indicated to the police that she had been dragged into that small area. Helene was raped, beaten and strangled. Cold case still.


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