Quebec Unsolved Murders

Unsolved murder cases in Quebec Canada

Diane Couture

Diane Couture. She was found murdered in her apartment in the city of Sherbrooke, province of Quebec, April 3, 1997. The murder is still unsolved.

She was petite. She worked home as a masseuse and advertised in the local newspaper ads as Professional Massage with the name of Sophie.

She was found face down on her bed, hands tied together, Sherbrooke police said that she might have been killed in the night between the 21st and 22d of March (1997). Cause of death is (unusual strangulation).

The newspaper, La Tribune, in a later article, quotes her stepfather saying that Diane had been in Ontario for some time, and that she also had traveled in the province of Quebec. ***She was back living in Sherbrooke for a year before she was murdered.*** She was 49 years old when she died.


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